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Safeguarding Resources

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What Is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding used to be called Child Protection in the north of Ireland and it tended to put clubs off involving young people in their sport. However Safeguarding is not just about protecting young people and vulnerable adults in cycling it also about safeguarding your club. The more aware you are about how sport can be used to harm young people the more vigilant you will be. The Cycling Ireland Code Of Practice For Young and Vulnerable Cyclists outlines our policy and procedures for the protection of young people and provides valuable information for clubs.

Step 1 – Vetting Checks

One of the first ways to protect everyone in the club is to ensure that volunteers working with Young People and Vulnerable adults have been checked through AccessNI which is the approved body for carrying out criminal record checks in the north of Ireland. We can also facilitate our members who live in the south of Ireland.

Garda checks are also available for members who live in the south of Ireland

Who should be Vetted

  • The Club Safeguarding/Child Protection Officer
  • All coaches, Sprocket Rocket leaders and Youth leaders
  • Volunteers involved in Youth activities
  • Club PRO or Photographer
  • Helpers on away trips or residential
  • Youth event organisers
  • Commissaires

Cycling Ulster also recommend that the Club Management Committee set an example by completing application forms. The more volunteers in the club that have been checked the better as the club will have a wider pool of people available to help out in an emergency.

Access NI Application

Cycling Ulster is the registered Umbrella Body with AccessNI for all clubs in Ulster. All applications must come through the designated signatories namely Patrick McAleavey or Marian Lamb who will submit the applications on your behalf. (Contact details below) To complete an application form click AccessNI Application Form

You will be presented with three application options.

  1. Click on Enhanced/Standard Applications
  2. Either Download the form and complete by hand in BLACK INK ONLY or fill in online and save to your desktop for printing
  3. Only complete pages 2,3 and 4. The other pages will be completed by the Designated Signatories.
  4. All volunteers and Staff require an Enhanced Application
  5. Remember to sign the application before forwarding to the Designated Signatories (Contact Details at the end of the report)
  6. Do NOT staple the forms as they have to go through an electronic scanner individually. Use a paper clip.
  7. Do not send any ID. All ID should be checked by a member of the Club Management Committee who can complete an ID Validation Form which should be submitted with the application. The ID Validation Form can be found in the Download Section of the Cycling Ulster Website. ID Validation Form
  8. There is no cost for volunteers as Cycling Ulster is the recognised Umbrella Body for Cycling.  Employee applications cost £30 which is paid by Cycling Ulster or Cycling Ireland.
  9. Send completed applications to Designated signatories below. The vetting process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Once completed you will receive a certificate from AccessNI and a copy will be sent to the Designated Signatory.
Lead Safeguarding Officer
Patrick McAleavey
74 Hunters Hill Park
Hunters Hill, Gilford
Co. Armagh
BT636TAFor further information
Tel: 028 38 832565
Mobile: 07739552566
Designated AccessNI Signatory
Marian Lamb
16 Camlin Park
BT 29 4HEFor further information
Tel: 028 94 453203
Mobile: 07920132135


For more information about AccessNI visit

Garda Vetting

Garda Vetting forms are available from the Cycling Ireland office
Cycling Ireland,
Kelly Roche House
619, North Circular Rd.
Dublin 1

Forms are also given to those attending Coaching Courses and Sprocket Rocket training. The forms must be  returned to Cycling Ireland to be checked for completeness. They are then forwarded to Cycling Ireland’s Garda Vetting Officer,Rachel Omrod who in turn sends them to the Garda Vetting HQ in Thurles. The returned forms only go to Rachel, who informs the National Safeguarding Officer, Orla Hendron,  if people have been cleared or not. A record of all people cleared and in progress is kept by Cycling Ireland. The procedue is currently under review dur to new legislation in the south.

For further details contact

Orla Hendron,  National Safeguarding Officer  Tel: (00353) 86 2500754     email

Rachel Omrod National Garda Vetting Officer   email

Step 2 – Safeguarding Course

The Club Safeguarding Officer must complete a safeguarding course and it is good practice for other club members and youth volunteers to attend. Both Patrick McAleavey and Marian Lamb are approved Tutors and will deliver courses on request for your club or for a group of clubs.

Step 3 – Safe Recruitment at Club Level

All clubs must now appoint a Club Safeguarding/Child Protection Officer. Cycling Ulster recommends that clubs involved in Youth work aim to have two officers – one male and one female. They should ensure that at least one male and one female receive appropriate training.

An AccessNI disclosure is only accurate on the day it is printed. Any subsequent information to an individual's criminal record will not be included. Whilst AccessNI disclosures are an important tool in recruiting individuals they are not a guarantee of an individuals character/background.

Clubs should ensure new volunteers and coaches within the club are correctly recruited. This will include;

  • Application process/formally establishing individuals previous involvement or experience.
  • 2 references, preferably relating to previous experience in a similar role (referees should not be related to the volunteer)
  • Completion of Self Declaration form.
  • Completion of AccessNI Application.
  • On going monitoring once individual is in position
  • The Cycling Ireland Code Of Practice For Young and Vulnerable Cyclists has proformas and guidelines for some of the forms mentioned above.

For further information relating to Safe Recruitment Procedures please visit the NSPCC website

Once a volunteer has been accepted by a club to work with young people he/she should be both supported and monitored in this role. From time to time the club should also carry out a review of the volunteer both to ensure that the work is satisfactory but also to determine any training or other issues that the volunteer may have.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please contact Patrick McAleavey or Marian Lamb.

Useful Contacts

Cycling Ulster Lead Safeguarding Officer Patrick McAleavey Tel: 028 38 832565
Mobile: 07739552566 : email

Designated Signatory Marian Lamb - Tel: 028 94 453203: Mobile: 07920132135 : email

Child Protection in Sport Unit Northern Ireland Tel: 0203 222 4246

This organisation has many sample policies, information leaflets and resources for those involved in sport with young people. Visit their website on

You can also contact Paul Stephenson from the Unit on

NSPCC - Tel:0808 800 5000    Website :

Gateway to Children’s Social work Service - Belfast Gateway  - Tel: 02890507000 :  Out of Hours - Tel: 02890565444

Northern Health and Social Services - Tel: 03001234333  : Out of Hours - Tel: 028 99504 9999

Southern Health and Social Services - Tel:  0800 7837745 : Out of Hours - Tel:028 99504 9999

South EasternHealth and Social Services - Tel:   03001000300  Out of Hours - Tel: 028 99504 9999

Western Health and Social Services - Tel: 02871314090  Out of Hours - Tel: 028 99504 9999

Parents Protect stop it now helpline 0808 1000 900

Irish Sports Council-Bernie Priestly Email:  - Website: 

Lifeline  Suicide Prevention 24/7

Reporting your concerns

Cycling Ulster takes all allegations relating to Safeguarding Young People and Vulnerable Adults very seriously. It is everyone's responsibility to report any concerns they may have.

In case of an emergency situation contact:
Police-Telephone- 999
NSPCC 24 Hour Helpline - Telephone- 0808 800 5000
Childline- Telephone- 0800 1111

If you are unsure please contact your club Safeguarding Officer in the first place or Cycling Ulster’s Officer Patrick McAleavey.

Advice for Parents (Leaflet to be written and made available for download)

Advice for Young People

Cycling Ulster wants to provide the best possible environment for young people involved in the sport of cycling. You deserve to be given enjoyable, fun and safe sporting opportunities, free of abuse of any kind. You have rights, which must be respected, and responsibilities that you must accept. You can't do that if you feel unhappy - if someone is bullying or abusing you. For more information and advice on what to do click here. (Document to be written and made available for download)